Nico Wilkinson

Spoken word poet and organizer

Nico Wilkinson is a spoken word poet, community organizer, and tarot reader based in Colorado Springs. 

Magic Services


I give tarot readings, write spells, and make charm bags. 

The first tarot reading you get from me is free. I'll send you a picture of the spread and a typed up explanation of it. To get your free tarot reading, subscribe to my mailing list! You will then be sent a form where you can tell me what you'd like your reading on. 

If you'd like to keep getting tarot readings from me after that, you can sign up as a supporter on my patreon! In doing so, you will get one reading from me a month! With an accompanying spell and charm bag custom-made for you based on your reading.

You will also get the other perks of being a patron, such as receiving my print projects (patches, zines, etc) in the mail, and getting access to my first drafts!